Qnotero v2.3.0

© 2020 E. Albiter

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What is Qnotero?

Qnotero provides lightning-quick access to your Zotero references. Zotero is an excellent open-source reference manager, but it lacks a direct and straightforward way to access your references at the click of a button. Qnotero lives in the system tray and allows you to search through your references by author, year of Publication, and DOI. If a PDF file is attached to a reference, you can open it directly from within Qnotero; if not, the URL of the reference is opened instead. You can also copy some basic information of the reference, such as DOI, title, authors, and abstract.

Freely available under the GNU GPL 3.

Download and installation

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Qnotero has the following dependencies.

Gnote integration (Linux only)

If you have Gnote installed (a note-taking program for Linux), Qnotero automatically searches Gnote for a (section in a) note belonging to a specific article. Qnotero expects each note to be preceded by a bold line containing at least the name of the first author and the year of publication within parentheses, like so:

Duhamel et al. (1992) Science 255